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Tips For Packing For A Long Weekend

If you’re anything like us, last minute packing results in 10 pairs of shoes, zero dresses and 20 tops that you really aren’t going to wear. So to avoid the stress of being stuck with too much of something and not enough of something else while you’re supposed to be relaxing on holiday, The Alibi Files has compiled a list of our top tips for packing for a much needed long weekend getaway.02


Lay all your items on your bed and cut it in half. Trust me, it’s not easy but it makes you really think about what you are actually going to wear and what with.

Think of What & Where:

Pre-plan possible scenarios, events and destinations in your head to determine exactly the kind of pieces you need. Going to be lounging pool side? Keep those cocktail dresses to a minimum, on a work event? Stock up on blazers, blouses and low heels.

The Essentials:

Aside from the usual of underwear and pajamas, packing well is all about stocking up on the essentials. Ladies dresses are a must – they are great to wear during the day with flats and can be easily dressed up with heels and accessories for night. A classic jacket is another must have, as are a great pair of jeans, statement womens tops and a easy to wear cardigan.

Mix and Match What You Have:

Think about all those items you’ve placed out and start to pre-plan outfits. Make sure you pack items that are versatile enough to be mixed n’ matched with each other, such as a great midi skirt, denim shorts and maxi dresses.

Dress for Success:

Dresses dresses dresses! Whether worn to the beach or out to dinner, pack plenty of dresses. They are small enough to be rolled easily into your suitcase and are an easy way to mix up your style while way.


Instead of packing multiple outfits for various occasions, try similar combinations with unique accessories. Whether adding a funky necklace, layering on statement rings or throwing on a printed scarf, accessories take up minimal space and will transform your outfit instantly!