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The Top Style Lessons We’ve Learnt From Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers are everywhere, they are constantly popping up on our news feeds, all over Instagram and more (not that we’re complaining!)

But what is it about them that leaves us always wanting to see their latest outfit creations and more?

Fashion bloggers have an exceptional knack of making the most plain outfit look fantastic with the right amount of layering, accessories and artful outfit construction that leaves us drooling every time.

But how do they do it?

We’ve had a look at some of our favourite fashion bloggers from Anna dello Russo to Vogue editor Christine Centenera to local Melbourne bloggers like See Want Shop and What Would Karl Do to find out what makes their style tick.

The top style lessons we’ve learnt from fashion bloggers:

They layer like a pro:

Perhaps one of the most envious style tricks fashion bloggers know is how to layer like a pro. From jumpers tied around their waists to a structured coat over a feminine dress, they manage to do it without looking sloppy and we love.

They choose one statement piece:

From an ‘It’ bag that has us drooling, to an unusual bold printed jacket or statement necklace, fashion bloggers know the art of not going overboard while still making an outfit pop.

They mix n’ match:

Wear a girlie dress with sneakers? Check! Rock a boho dress with a blazer – too easy! By playing on proportions, fashion bloggers are great at mixing n’ matching different styles to make an outfit stand out. With structure in the right places and subtle matching in-between the clash, somehow they get it right every time. If you’re too afraid to go all out, you can start small, by wearing a basic tank style dress with sneakers (to get used to the sneakers and dress look) or a bohemian blouse with a fitted jacket and jeans for a subtle merging of trends.

The stick to their signature style:

Fashion bloggers know their style and their body shape inside out and embrace it! While they may be influenced by trends at times, they pick out what works for them and their style and create a unique twist. From Harper and Harley’s love of monochrome, to Lisa Hamilton’s love for sneakers and casual styling – they just know what works for them and they stick to it.

They know how to clash:

While fashion bloggers stick to their personal style and often just choose one statement piece in their outfit, if they are keen to turn heads (particularly at fashion week when photographers are a plenty) they can master the art of subtle print clashing. By matching prints in similar colours or styles, and by pairing them with neutral accessories, these fashion gurus get it right every time!

Do you have a favourite fashion blogger? We’d love to know! Comment and share who your favourite blogger is and why you love their style.