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The Great Eyebrow Debate: How To Get The Perfect Brows

One of the biggest beauty trends of the moment is all about thick and tidy brows, adding structure and sophistication to your everyday beauty look.

Early 2000’s thin eyebrows are long gone thanks to models like Cara Delevingne, bringing back bushy and thick brows as your go-style.

But never fear! Thanks to the gorgeous eyebrow (and eye) products from our favourite brand Eye of Horus, you too can get the Cara Delevingne look!

Using the Eye of Horus brow liner, you can get perfect model worthy eyebrows, with simple styling, starting with a tweeze, shape and pencil.

AlibiOnline | Beauty | Eyebrows | Eye of Horus | Fashion | blog Alibi

Follow our top tips below for creating the perfect eyebrows:

Creating the perfect eyebrows is certainly not as hard as it looks, it’s all about tweezing correctly, finding the perfect lighting and shading in your shape in a subtle way.

  1. Find the right tweezers: This is a must! Try tweezers with a sharp and slanted edge for optimum effect.
  2. Tweeze post shower: The hot water will open your pours and soften the skin, making it less painful and easier to pluck.
  3. Get the right lighting: Steer clear of harsh strong lighting and opt for a more natural light. If you can’t see those small stray hairs in natural light, chances are others can’t either. This helps to stop your from over plucking, leaving you with those ultra thin eyebrows reminiscent of high school.
  4. Pluck in line: The start and end of your brows should be inline with the edge of your eye for a flattering and symmetrical shape.
  5. Draw your shape: Grab a soft eyebrow pencil and literally draw the perfect shape you’re looking for. This will help you create even and shapely brows.
  6. Fill in the blanks: Use that eyebrow pencil you had earlier to lightly shade in any blank areas in a soft and light way. Be careful to stay in your natural brow line and to not over shade.

Want more?

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AlibiOnline | Beauty | Eyebrows | Eye of Horus | Fashion | blog Alibi