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Style Gude: Fashion 101

The first rule for any fashionista is to get down to the basics and know yourself inside out. Find out what your body shape is, what colours work best, what styles flatter you the most and stick to them – to ensure that you always look fabulous and stylish!

Whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect outfit for an upcoming event, or need to start from scratch, get to know these 101 fashion basics to ensure you pick the right ladies clothing every time!

Step 1: Your Body Figure

By knowing the shape, scale and proportions of your body, you’ll be able to select the best clothes and accessories that create a balanced silhouette. This will help to disguise the parts you’re self-conscious about so you can show off parts that you love! Knowing how to dress for your body shape will help to give you curves in all the right places while leaving plenty of room to play up your best assets. Whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass shape or something in between, know where your curves are so you can show them off!

Common Body Shapes Include:

Grande shapes look fab in a wrap dress, as do most other figures. Find a colour that flatters your skin tone, and search for an outfit in a similar shade. Try to choose a multi-colored dress, or a dress in two shades, as larger and taller women can look bigger when wearing just one shade. If you have good legs, flaunt them in a knee-length number, and if you have a large chest, wear a low neckline.

Petite figures should wear one block colour to make themselves appear taller. Patterns or stripes should only be worn if in proportion to your size, eg. a small frame = small print/stripe. For those with a small bust, try high necklines like the classic shift, or a high halter neck. Add a bit of ruffling and fabric detail to make parts of your body appear more curvaceous.

Pear shapes need to make sure that the lower part of their dress is well fitted. Pencil skirts look sexy and classic, as well as being very on-trend. Steer clear of a shift dress, as this will only accentuate a large behind. Prints are a no go, but soft or textured fabrics in one colour look great!

Apple shapes look great in low waisted designs and wrap dresses. Steer clear of any fabrics that cling too tightly, like poorly fitting jersey. Choose gowns with a v-neck or a scoop neckline, as these will flatter a good chest, and keep you in proportion.

Hourglass figures should look to Marilyn Monroe when asking the question, ‘What is the best dress style for my shape?’ The ultimate screen siren, 50’s fashion looks fantastic on those with this curvaceous shape. Wear a waistbelt on top of a flirty dress to really show off your figure. Knee length styles are by far the best cut for your shape, as this shows off your fab legs.

Step 2: Your Colouring

Choosing the right colours that work best with your skin tone and hair is all about letting your skin glow and shine in all the best ways! Knowing colouring is all about choosing those which are flattering on your frame, coordinate well together and look effortlessly stylish!


Step 3: Develop Personal Style

Know what you love and stick to it, is our general rule here at AlibiOnline. Whether you’re a big fan of minimalist styles, bold women’s dresses or structured jackets for women, find what works and wear that. When you choose and recognise what your personal style is, you feel confident, sexy and happy in those pieces you know really work for you.

Defining your personal style is a must to set yourself apart from the rest, as well as help you connect with your personality and create a trademark that people will remember you for.


Fashion 101 | Fashion Basics | Ladies Dresses Online | AlibiOnline | Blog Alibi | How-To Wear | Style Tips

Step 4: Edit Your Wardrobe

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s time to build the contents of your wardrobe! If you want to make it easier to put on clothes in the morning – you need to make sure you have the important essentials to build the foundation of your closet. That means throwing out all those things that don’t work for your body shape or suit your style.

For more amazing style tips and tricks to help you shape the wardrobe that you want check out our Style Guide on blog alibi!

Need help styling your outfit for your body shape and personal style? Ask Alibi, we would love to help choose the perfect pieces for you!