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Spring Racing: Handbag Survival Essentials

The spring racing long weekend is not far away which means it’s time to invest in essentials to take us from early mornings, to track side and post party celebrations.

Whether you’re heading to races or your own race day party, it’s important to prepare early to ensure you look your best all day and night long!

Your handbag survival essentials for race day are:

Band aids: Nothing kills your party vibe than blisters or sore feet. Think ahead and pack, even if you don’t use them there’s a good chance one of your girlfriends will need them.

Lipstick and lip balm: Keep your make-up looking fresh with your beauty essential lipstick and lip balm. This race season we are loving a bold lipstick in shades of orange or pink for the ultimate outfit pop.

Sachet of wet wipes and tissues: Who knows when you’ll need them but chances are they will come in handy.

Needle and thread: Avoid a race day disaster and always bring a needle and thread, great if you have a minor split or need to tighten your dress straps or hold something in place.

Ballet flats: Perfect for long walks from the car park to the venue, or when heading out for post race day dinner and you have sore feet. Ballet flats are a great back up, especially if you are wearing new shoes.

Basic Essentials: Breath mints, myki card, race card, credit card and cash and panadol – these go without saying!

Make sure you choose a clutch that has an attachable chain so you can attach it to your clutch making it easy to convert your clutch to a shoulder bag when drinking champagne!

What will you be having in your race day bag? Let us know in the comments below!