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How to Wear A Scarf In So Many Different Ways

 It’s the official start of scarf season! What’s scarf season, you ask? It’s only the most wonderful time of year, when the addition of a scarf makes every activity infinitely more chic. Tie one around your neck while cider sipping, pumpkin carving, apple picking, tree trimming, ice skating – you name it.

With so many opportunities for scarf styling ahead, we figured it was time to put the Knot Library to the test! We sent our scarf scouts out into the field with one challenge in mind – to prove that you can wear a scarf with practically anything.

Our stylish soldiers rose to the occasion and rifled through the racks, returning triumphant with the perfect knot to play up every neckline!

There’s more than one way to wear a scarf. These scarf experts prove the scarf is the most versatile accessory.

how to wear a scarf

Sydney at How Does She shares with us 50 ways to wear a scarf. Click the image to see the other 44 ways.


You heard right,  how to make a super chic ladies dress from two silk scarves.

a DIY version of it is here and do your own easy-peasy chain-strap update!

AlibiOnline|Scarf |Fab |women's clothing | ladies fashion

AlibiOnline|Scarf |Fab |women's clothing | ladies fashion

knotting cards

Get Blake Lively’s ‘do with a tutorial from Hair Romance. Who doesn’t want hair like the face of Chanel’s?

hermes  knotting cards

Did you know every Hermes scarf comes with knotting cards that show you how to wear it? Mommy Chic shares several Hermes knotting cards.

So chic and retro, learn how to tie a 60s retro turban from A Beautiful Mess.

So chic and retro, learn how to tie a 60s retro turban from A Beautiful Mess.

It would be hard to find an accessory that adds a stronger style punch to a ladies fashion outfit than a scarf.

The right neck dressing can bring an outfit to the next level – turning a good look into a great look.

To quote a humorous friend of mine “there are two types of guys: those who wear scarves, and those who don’t – the former generally have a better quality of life”.

Have a look at all our fantastic scarves and don’t forget to let us know how you wore them?
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