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Our Favourite Ways To Brighten Up Our Winter Mood

While we usually talk about women’s fashion here at AlibiOnline, sometimes we need a few healthy tips clear our mind and lift our mood – especially in winter!

Those cold mornings and freezing nights can take a serious toll on our moods, which is why we thought we’d mix it up a bit and give you a few great tips on how to instantly lift your mood this winter!

Our favourite winter mood booster tips are:

  • Exercise

Nothing beats it! Whether you get a chance to sneak off for a run at lunch time or get up first thing in the morning and hit the gym, make sure you make time to exercise during the winter as well.

  • Go outside

While it may not be as sunny as the warm summer’s sun, you still need Vitamin D to lift your mood instantly. Try and spend at least 20 minutes per day out in the sun, whether it’s for a quick coffee break or waiting for the afternoon school pick-up.


Winter | Mood Booster | Happiness | Well Being | AlibiOnline | Australian Shopping | E-Boutique

  • Yoga

You can’t get better than yoga! Spend some time stretching out your body with deep breathing to relax and let go. You’ll be surprised at how helpful it is.

  • Get social

While we love to curl up on the couch with a great movie and a warm drink on a Saturday night, it’s a great idea to head out with friends or family when you can. Maybe it’s a nice dinner or a quick coffee catch up, you’ll be surprised at how socialising with a great friend or family member will instantly cheer you up!

  • Shop!

We had to add this one! Shopping is our favourite past time here at ladies clothing online boutique AlibiOnline and we think it’s an instant mood booster. Sometimes buying a gorgeous dress for your next date night, or a cute top to wear to the office can really make all the difference.

Have any great tips we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!