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How To Update Your Wardrobe With The Latest Trends (And Not Look Like A Fashion Victim)

Fashion trends come and go so quickly.

If you don’t keep up with the latest trends, your style might look outdated. But if you just throw on whatever fashionistas are saying is on-trend, chances are that you might not end up looking the way you intended!

The latest fashion trends cause a frenzy every season and they change so fast that it can be difficult keeping up. So how do you incorporate trends without looking like a fashion victim?

How to wear trends: balancing your outfit | AlibiOnline | ladies fashion online

Balancing Act

It is important to balance your outfit so that it won’t look overdone.

Ensuring you have a half trends and half basics mix will help you achieve this fashion harmony. Two simple combinations are:

– Wear a basic outfit (basic pants, top or dress) and pair it with the latest accessories.

– Wear a trendy garment (e.g.: a printed pair of pants or dress) as a focal point and tone it down with basics, such as a tee or a cardigan.

Flexible Fashion Accessories

Using fashion accessories to update your style is cost-effective because they can completely change the look and feel of an outfit, without requiring the investment of a whole new wardrobe.

Spending large amounts of money isn’t necessary to look good. Simply changing details can make all the difference. A classic black top paired with different accessories can change your look entirely, whether you want to be glamorous, urban, trendy, preppy, quirky or bohemian.

Accessories are one of your best fashion tools, helping you to update your outfit with trends, adding interest to an otherwise simple ensemble, and creating texture, depth and a range of distinctive fashion looks.

Make A Statement

How to wear trends: statement piece | AlibiOnline | ladies fashion online

Wearing a trendy focal garment on the other hand creates a stronger fashion statement, which is a great way to draw attention to your outfit.

By pairing your statement piece with basics, you are making the trend piece the focus, while keeping your look chic.

Some trends stay around for more than a season, and are worth investing in, so don’t always think of it as a throwaway piece. Stripes, for example, rise and fall in popularity, but can always be used to create a classic Riviera-style look.

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These are simple tips for incorporating trends into your wardrobe. Do you have any trend tips to share? Tell us in the comments.