Trend Report - Sporty Luxe

Trend Report – Sporty Luxe

When it comes to the sports-inspired fashion on the autumn/winter runways, comfortable is no longer a dirty word.

It seems that it wasn’t that long ago when sportswear was mainly about throwing on a pair of loose pants, a slouchy t-shirt and a cool cap. These looks nodded towards the boy in tomboy. The masculine influence was indeed obvious at first, with the on trend outfits replicating nearly all sports uniforms from football and baseball, all the way to the fitness gear. Last year marked a subtle return to femininity, with the lines becoming cleaner and the silhouettes going minimal.

A key look and trend for fashion in 2014, the sporty aesthetic continued its enthusiastic progress, slowly but surely morphing into an entirely new embodiment of casual chic. Evolving to become more subtle and to highlight a rather slick and sportier attitude, the luxe athletic wear is no longer channelling specific sports. Delicate volumes and an immaculate styling turned sports fashion unapologetically sophisticated for the autumn/winter 2014 fashion season.

With so many designers such as Sass are embracing the athletic look, consider Autumn and Winter 2014 a really ramped up version of Sporty Luxe at its finest.

So hold on to your Homies T-shirts and Hoodies. Autumn/Winter 2014 is still full of all things sporty that we just can’t wait to wear. Here are the top 6 sporty trends that are getting us excited for Autumn and Winter 2014.

Athlete’s world

  • Hoodies zip-up track jackets
  • Sweats made of leather and pants with elasticated waist and drawstring
  • Tomboy College Tees and technical t-shirts and chic sport tops
  • Technical mesh – unexpected in tops and dresses
  • Fashion gear constructed from water-repellent wicking fabrics to mimic wetsuit fabric
  • Racer tanks, styled with colour smash pants, bomber jackets or skirts in Rose print

Now on trend fabrics like suede and snakeskin are teamed with a very multi-layered look. This combined with leather look sweat pants or techy tracksuits creates a super hot key look with an effect that is fabulous and new.

The expression of sportswear rippling through the collections this season brings echoes of the 90s. Puffer jackets and ramped up sweatshirts are another made to order look, cleverly inspired by race-car driving. It should always be a mix of femininity and functionality. A sportswear look is about the layering, it’s all about things working together.

We are also looking at the reinvented man-sized coats and jackets. This season take these womens coats from the masculine to the feminine by create sporty separates for women. These man styles paired with ladies dresses, ladylike tops or with jeans makes a very cool statement.

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