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Chat With The Buyers And Creative Director Of AlibiOnline

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an online fashion company?

The Buyers (TB) and Creative Director (CD) of AlibiOnline talk to us about fashion, inspiration and online shopping.

How did you come to be in the fashion industry?

CD: I adore fashion. I have always loved it. My mum was a dressmaker and I grew up amongst fabric, textiles and cotton. Never a week went by that someone in my family wasn’t pricked by a stray pin in the carpet or furniture.

I learned at an early age about quality, fit and styling to suit your figure. I have always been creative, and had a successful events design business before going into an online clothing boutique.

Where do you find inspiration when buying for the AlibiOnline Collection?

TB: As members of the team at AlibiOnline, our main responsibility is to understand everything that is wonderful about our AlibiOnline customer – the different types of fashion and clothing that inspires her, and to make sure that she is able to access the fashion she will love.

We have an absolute passion for supplying beautiful women’s clothing to our community. We have identified that our AlibiOnline community has a real love of great design, colour, flattering shapes and good Australian brands.

We are always online and read everything regarding fashion and what is going on in the industry. We all love blogs and look at what overseas retailers are doing, search for trend inspiration and love looking at industry news.

We adore speaking to our customers on a daily basis and customer service is our number one priority. It’s so lovely that we have made such wonderful connections with our community and we are able to give advice or hear some interesting news, or see the photos that they share with us every day. All we can say is “keep it coming” and contact us! We love seeing you in your Alibi garments.

Online shopping has become a staple in many women’s lives – why do you think it has been so successful?

TB: Women are generally so busy. They have busy home lives and careers and have a multitude of things to do when they leave work and at home. If they have a family they have even more to do. It’s not always easy to get out to the store when you are working to a deadline, or you have a young child at home.

So shopping online has become not only a time saving exercise, but you get a much better selection online. Usually there is much better value to be had by buying online too.

It’s also so nice to be able to open a parcel at home and try on your new dress with your own shoes in front of your own mirror to know it’s definitely going to work for you.

Some women find it very confronting to try garments on in a store for a number of different reasons and prefer anonymity when purchasing.

A lot of women live outside metropolitan areas and are unable to find the selection they would find in a larger city. Online they are able to pick from the whole world.

See how it works at AlibiOnline.

For a sneak peek, check out our behind the scenes photos below!

Behind the scenes: The Wild Horse Dress by Alibi

Stunning Stacey at work wearing the Wild Horse Dress by Alibi.

Behind the scenes: styling session preparation

This is where fashion lives and some of the girls in the office are getting ready for a styling session.

Behind the scenes: photo shoot with our makeup artist

Getting ready for a photo shoot with our makeup artist.

Behind the scenes: fashion packages

Our beloved postie packing the van with packages of beautiful fashion for everyone – a daily event!