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Chat With Sinthia Designer For Kitchy Ku

Kitchy Ku was launched by a young woman with a love for fashion, travel and a passion for upcoming trends. Kitchy Ku is designed with a confident, modern career women in mind. The Kitchy Ku style is edgy, feminine, classic and stylish. The collection is made up of silks, crochets and luxurious knitwear with the garments that will carry women from day into the cocktail hour.

AlibiOnline had a chat to Sinthia, the designer behind Kitchy Ku to find out the inner workings of creating and producing the brand Kitchy Ku.

Can you tell our customers where you got the inspiration for this season’s collection?

My inspiration came from a recent trip to South East Asia, where inspiration was drawn from the beautiful and serene countryside, the bright colours of the garments worn by the local women and the intricately detailed and majestic surroundings.

How often do you travel overseas?

At least 6 times a year.

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What’s your favorite city for fashion?

New York. How can you go past a city that never sleeps, the fashion is amazing in New York.

Why did you decided to become a fashion designer?

I was born to become a fashion designer from a young age as I constantly hassled my mother, who was seamstress to show me how to make dresses for my dolls, telling her what colours and materials to use.

Can you tell us anything about next season?  Colours or silhouettes?
All I can say is its going to be a wonderful surprise….

What was the first article of clothing you designed?

An amazing crop lamb skin leather jacket. Till this day customers tell me how they still have this jacket in their wardrobe.

How long does it take to put a collection together?

Anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I love our Australian designers, like Manning Cartel and Sass and Bide. They are both very inspirational.

If there were no restrictions, what type of collection would you design?

I love futuristic pieces, designs that are unique and outside the square

Do you think women tend to buy more for the silhouette, the price or the colour?
I believe the silhouette is by far the most important. If a design fits well and makes the customer feel sexy and beautiful colour and money becomes a secondary consideration.

What are some of your favourite designers, stores, bloggers, websites?

It’s a little hard answering this question as I don’t want to upset anyone, by not mentioning them.
One that comes to mind is AlibiOnline…

How would you define your personal style?
Simple and sexy with an edge. I like to be classy with a difference.

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What are some of your favourite fabrics to work with?

I try to work with really good quality fabrics as my designs are not focused on fast fashion. I invest a lot in fabrics that are silk and cotton.

How do you handle the pressure of the fashion industry – deadlines etc?

With a smile on my face and knowing everything will just work out.

Alibi Online | The Alibi Files | Fashion | Fashion Blog | Chat With | KITCHY KU | Ladies Fashion Online

What book are you reading at the moment?
A book that I read fifteen years ago and haven’t touched since. “The way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman. I think I am enjoying it more the second time round as it is making more sense.

Tell us what gives you inspiration in your work space?

The colour, lighting and the ambiance in the area, makes me feel comfortable and focused.

3 words that describe best where you get your design inspiration?
Travel, catwalk, nature

Could you tell me what you have :- Just Bought, Will buy and are Dreaming Of?
Just Bought – Sea View apartment
Will buy – little gifts for my staff from my return trip from overseas – they always look forward to it
Dreaming of – 6 month European Vacation