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Chat with Michelle Speiser Designer for Bebe Sydney

Born from a love of fashion handed down through three generations, sisters Natalie Dabschek and Michelle Speiser of Bebe Sydney are at the helm on this amazing brand. The legacy started with one woman and a sewing machine, now over 50 years later Bebe Sydney is an Australian owned and designed label stocked throughout Australian and Singapore with sales in the US, South Africa and Asia.

Alibionlineblog | Chat With| Bebe Sydney | fashion |fashion designer| ladies dresses online

Can you tell our community – who love womens fashion online,  where you got the inspiration for this season’s collection?
From my recent trip to New York…anyone can be inspired there. Just watching people on the streets is inspiring as they have no shame and wear things loud and proud! The most amazing looks you’ll ever see

How often do you travel overseas?
4 to 5 times a year, we need to keep up to date with new trends around the world

What’s your favourite city for fashion?

Why did you decided to become a fashion designer?
I love clothes; I love dressing up, in love the fashion world. It’s that simple. Thank god I’m a girl! 😉

Can you tell us anything about next AW14?  Colours or silhouettes?
Beautiful colours such as cobalt blue, navy blue, wine, & lots of monochrome still. Animal prints are still a huge trend too (leopard and zebra prints). Ladies dresses are more structured and modern looking silhouettes. Lace fabric is still strong a look too.

What was the first article of clothing you designed?
A lycra mini dress …very ninety’s

How long does it take to put a collection together?
6-8 weeks

Who are some of your favourite designers?
Chloe, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Balmain

If there were no restrictions, what type of collection would you design?
I would love to design one off couture pieces!

Do you think women tend to buy more for the silhouette, the price or the colour?
I think these days it is a combination of all 3. Consumers are very price conscious these days more than ever but they still want to buy fashionable pieces that look good and are on trend

What are some of your favourite designers, stores, bloggers, and websites?
I love trawling through any fashion blogs and Instagram’s! I love looking at how real people interpret fashion. I don’t have a particular favourite as I find myself finding new ones every day. Can’t go passed stalking Nicole Richie’s & Olivia Palermo Instagram daily…both such a fashion icon!

How would you define your personal style?
On trend, fun, love colours, mixing of prints, most of the time you can find me in a dress.

What are some of your favourite fabrics to work with.
Scuba fabric, it’s a newer fabric that I love as it suits all body shapes and is so comfortable. Or any textured woven fabric.

How do you handle the pressure of the fashion industry – deadlines etc.?
I work hard and long hours, so I like to take as many mini breaks during the year as possible so that I can zone out from the fashion world and remember other things in life exist! HA

What book are you reading at the moment?
I love blogs…not just fashion blogs but lots of other interesting ones.

Do you have a photo of your favourite pair of shoes/handbag/dress/accessory?
I bought myself a Celine Hand bag for my birthday last year and it’s my everyday staple, I’m obsessed with it! My new favorite Bebe pieces are from our Spring collection- Ever after Dress and Melody Skater dress.

Alibionlineblog | Chat With| Bebe Sydney | fashion |fashion designer| ladies dresses online

3 words that describe best where you get your design inspiration.
Life, friends, travelling

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