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Chat With Designers for Mesop

MESOP is an Australian fashion label based in the heart of one of Melbourne’s thriving arts communities. The brand’s beautiful old Georgian studio is within walking distance to some of the best coffee in town, it can boast views of the most decadent golden sunsets but more than that it’s home to every aspect of the brand. With design, marketing, warehouse & patternmaking under the one roof it’s a hive of creativity and collaboration.

Can you tell our customers where you got the inspiration for this season’s collection?
The thing I love about High Summer is that there’s a strong sense of freedom about it. Silhouettes are more fluid, colours are brighter and women can feel a little braver in their choices.  It’s the time of year where you get to slow down, to celebrate. It’s all about that feeling of surrender and the release that comes with it. We’ve used some bold graphic prints, beautiful linen knits and maxi shapes that push that effortless styling which is perfect for this time of year.

How often do you travel overseas?
Twice yearly I’ll do the rounds of New York, LA, London & Paris.

What’s your favourite city for fashion?
It changes with each season but at the moment I’m loving New York. It’s a great mix of high street and boutique. There’s also a flourishing arts culture in Brooklyn that’s really pushing new ideas, craftsmanship and individual style.

Why did you decided to become a fashion designer?
For me it was quite a clear and direct pathway with my mum being a fashion designer. From early on I was exposed to the design process, mood boards, beautiful fabrics and a creative way of seeing the world. My childhood was filled with fashion eye candy and I can’t really imagine being anything else.

Can you tell us anything about next AW14?  Colours or silhouettes?
There’s so many new surprises for Autumn 14!.We’ve got some beautiful new wovens and knits including a metallic.  We’re also introducing a soft tailoring capsule that’s so easy to wear. It’s all about those classic tailored silhouettes reworked into a more relaxed aesthetic.  Oversized styling was also big on the runways & it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Slouchy pants paired with more tailored jackets, drapey sweaters worn back with engineered leggings. It’s all about contrast.
We’re also loving Navy and there’s a burnt red viscose that sings of Autumn.

What was the first article of clothing you designed?
Back when I was in RMIT the first piece I designed was a boiled wool jacket inspired by Vivienne Westwood. I still love how well she understands the female form and used that as my inspiration for making jackets for women.

How long does it take to put a collection together?
About 2 months.

Chat with Mesop |womens clothing online | dresses | ladies tops

Who are some of your favourite designers?
Depends on the season but I’m currently loving Stella McCartney for how translatable & wearable her aesthetic is, Proenza Schouler show a beautiful understanding of fabric and print, Phillip Lim 3.1’s clean lines and of course Vivienne Westwood.

If there were no restrictions, what type of collection would you design?
I actually love the lifestyle arena of fashion so I’m really inspired by the ranges I’m working on now. I think one of the best things about designing in Australia is that you really can design womens clothes that fits into the way women live their lives. Nature, sanctuary, the spaces we move between, those nuances of everyday living. . .   that’s my biggest inspiration.

Chat with Mesop |womens clothing online | dresses | ladies tops

Do you think women tend to buy more for the silhouette, the price or the colour?
I think sometimes it isn’t as clear cut as that. I know I’m quite an emotional shopper so my reasons for buying are a little more subtle. It could be that a dress reminds me of a movie I watched, or a colour describes exactly what I’m feeling right now. Or maybe I’ve just had a long day and that pair of shoes happens to fit my budget simply makes e feel a whole lot better.

What are some of your favourite designers, stores, bloggers, websites?
Refinery 29,  The Sartorialist, Stockholm Street Style, My Scandinavian home, Hanneli, The Design Files, Gary Pepper . . . I could just keep going here!

How would you define your personal style?
Clean lines, Classic styles with a hint of feminine.

 What are some of your favourite fabrics to work with?
Knits are so tactile to work with (Wait till you see Winter 14!). I also love the luxury of silks and the wear ability of fabrics like Tencel.

How do you handle the pressure of the fashion industry – deadlines etc?
For me it’s exercise and making sure I spend time with the people I love. Saturday brunch with my friends, a morning run, a beach and a book. I think sometimes as women we tend to put ourselves last so it’s really important to schedule some time for yourself and treat it with the respect you’d give any other person.

What book are you reading at the moment?
Grace Coddington’s “Grace: A memoir”. Love her even more now!

Chat with Mesop |womens clothing online | dresses | ladies tops

3 words that describe best where you get your design inspiration.
Lifestyle. Nature. Colour