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Chat With Annette Cannock Designer for Wish

AlibiOnline spoke to the talented Annette Cannock, the designer behind the label WISH, one of Australia’s iconic brands that oozes femininity, sophistication and ultimately versatile and wearable wardrobe staples.

Can you tell our customers where you got the inspiration for this season’s collection?

The inspiration for “The Time Is Now” comes from the excitement of summer, which I like to call the party season! It’s all about living in the moment, and looking fabulous doing it.

How often do you travel overseas?

Going to the major fashion weeks is a must – Milan, Paris, New York and London. I would say at least four times a year I’m searching for fashion inspiration around the world, but I’ll always be a Sydney girl at heart.

AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | Wish | Fashion Designer | Ladies Fashion Online

What’s your favourite city for fashion?
I love New York as there are a mix of big brands and boutique stores, perfect for shopping. I also get inspiration from cities like Marrakech and their local culture and style.

Why did you decided to become a fashion designer?

My mother owned a boutique in the Hilton, so I was brought up around beautiful fashion. The customers were the most glamorous and stylish women. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a part of that world! I would say it was in my genes to become a fashion designer.

Can you tell us anything about next AW14?  Colours or silhouettes?

Winter for Wish will be a focus on textures and layering – think chunky knits, fur trims and lace. Orange will still be as strong in winter as it was in summer, as will monochrome.

How long does it take to put a collection together?

Our collections are the build up of many months of research, sketching, and late nights! Often I will have an idea for a summer style 6 months ahead, so it’s hard to put a definite amount of time to it.

Who are some of your favourite designers?
I love boho-luxe designers like Isabel Marant, Anna Sui and Roberto Cavalli.

Do you think women tend to buy more for the silhouette, the price or the colour?

I think if a woman finds a piece that is the perfect fit for her, she won’t look so hard at the price or the colour. When we fall in love, we fall hard!

What are some of your favourite designers, stores, bloggers, websites?

I love Australian bloggers, I think they are some of the most talented and lovely in the world. Some of my favourites are 4th and Bleeker, Shine By Three and Gary Pepper.

How would you define your personal style?

Colourful and a little bit bohemian – but always with a killer heel!

What are some of your favourite fabrics to work with?

Silk is definitely our most used fabric – there is no substitute for the movement and feel of pure silk.

How do you handle the pressure of the fashion industry – deadlines etc?
I love to exercise and go on hikes – it clears the mind and can make a problem seem tiny in the big scheme of things.
AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | Wish | Fashion Designer | Ladies Fashion Online

Do you have a photo of your favourite pair of shoes/handbag/dress/accessory?
My favourite piece at the moment is from the new collection – the Fireworks Playsuit. So fun.

3 words that describe best where you get your design inspiration.
Beautiful everyday life!