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Chat With 3 of the 4Threads

27 year old Steph Salwin and Alisa Pattinson are super hot and smart identical twins. Both sisters studied law, but after 2 years of working as lawyers they decided that the law was not for them. Pia 29, is the older and equally intelligent and hot,  sister who left her successful marketing career to partner with her twin sisters. Their business 4 Threads, completed with the help of their fashion loving mum, was set up about 2 years and is one of the top wholesale fashion agencies in Melbourne.

All three sisters have an absolute passion for anything to  do with fashion. They have always wanted to be in fashion and to work together so they took a risk and started a business.

What does fashion mean to you?

Pia – Fashion is a way for you to express yourself through your clothes and to individualise yourself.

Alisa – it’s all about style and a creative outlet.

Steph – Fashion is a way express who you are.

How would you define Australian fashion?

Pia – Australian fashion is all about trends and prints on prints. Bold colours, neon and experimental colours are huge.

Alisa – A converse shoe and casual street-wear are essential for Australians. Aussie fashion is taking what’s happening on the high fashion catwalks and translating it to street fashion.

Steph- Styles vary between states in Australia. In the city Sydney girls will dress with a bit of glam. Gold Coast is a little more beach casual. Melbourne is a more European in style and is right on trend. Western Australia tends to follow Melbourne fashion, but with a bit more colour.

When did you realise you wanted to be in fashion?

We really got into it as teens. Working in law wasn’t for us but we didn’t think that we could dedicate our life to being in fashion and making a business out of it.

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

As teens we designed fashion and our lovely mum sewed our garments together.  I think we still have a few of those designs at the back of the wardrobe somewhere.

ChatWith | AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | 4 Threadz | Interview | Fashion | Ladies Clothing Online | Bebe Sydney

Who do you consider to be your style icon?

We all love Nicole Ritchie for her boho style and how she wears print on print. Victoria Beckham for her sophisticated structured designs and high fashion look. The Olsen twins are also seen as icons for their grunge boho look but in a younger way.

What are you currently showing in your Showroom?

Currently we are showing a range called Prism for Bebe Sydney for winter (delivering to the public in May). The range has a light pallet with a colour smash of pink, white and a few pastel tones, which is a great surprise in a winter range.

Describe the general process you go through on a daily basis when you receive a new range of clothing to sell?

  • Get a delivery of everything in box from courier
  • Unpack and steam the clothing
  • Hang the stunning fashion on racks and merchandise the range to look appealing to buyers
  • Make appointments with buyers by phone and e mail
  • Prepare for the appointments by printing look-books bringing out best sellers and familiarising yourselves with prices and fabrics and present to the buyers the best way possible.

What are some of your accomplishments in the business?

Establishing our name in the industry. We are proud of the mix of labels and and success selling the labels.

ChatWith | AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | 4 Threadz | Interview | Fashion | Ladies Clothing Online | Bebe Sydney

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

How Two Live and They All Hate Us.

What are some of your favourite online clothing stores/websites?

 AlibiOnline and Net-A-Porter.

What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

Pia- My state of Georgia racer shift dress from summer.

Alisa- My Bebe Sydney Free Will Tank.

Steph- This is a love song Mix match combo army print.

What advice do you have for aspiring young women in business?

Take risks think big picture and don’t let negative energy bring you down!

How would you define your personal style?

We all have very similar styles. We wear causal experimental and a mixed repertoire of styles that are boho grunge. It’s really a mixed bag of tricks on a daily basis. We might wear something sweet and toughen with boots. We don’t like to be held to one particular style.

Tell us about the design of your office? 

We are lucky to have the upside down table legs you can see in our office which divide up our space and are used to showcase each brand in a unique way.

We also scrubbed the floor for 6 hours on our hands an knees. Our Dad came and gave us a hand to hang the dividing string curtains! We used our own grunge but chic and minimal style to decorate.  It gives us joy every day when we come to work.

What are some of your fashion goals?

Grow the business and become a leading fashion agent in Australian. Have fun establishing new relationships within the fashion industry with brands and buyers alike.

ChatWith | AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | 4 Threadz | Interview | Fashion | Ladies Clothing Online | Bebe Sydney

 What are you reading at the moment?

Pia- Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Alisa- Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort

Steph- Shantaram by Gregory Roberts

ChatWith | AlibiOnline Blog | The Alibi Files | 4 Threadz | Interview | Fashion | Ladies Clothing Online | Bebe Sydney

Just Bought, Will Buy, Dreaming Of:


Bought my favourite lipstick MAC Vegas Volt

Wanting to buy my ticket to New York

Dreaming of my new Chanel bag that I can’t wait to buy in New York!


Just bought Ele Misko Silver Opal Ring

Wanting to buy Senso black boots for autumn

Dreaming of buying a house in Richmond Vic


Just brought an OPI nail polish in fire truck red

Wanting to buy a new cocktail dress for a wedding in march

Dreaming of  driving a brand new BMW x 5 car