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5 Reasons Why We Love Spring

Here at AlibiOnline we are big fans of the warm weather and thanks to the arrival of Spring we are super excited for the change in season as it gives us another excuse to update our wardrobes, find motivation to be healthy, clean out our closets and a whole lot more.

Here are 5 reasons why we are loving spring right now:

It gives us an excuse to go shopping:

The change in season is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and stock up on new season trends and must-have styles. From chambray, 1970’s tones, fresh whites, nautical stripes and everything in-between… there are plenty of spring styles to inspire you to get shopping now.

Unsure what to wear? Read our spring 2016 trend report here and here.

It’s a great time to clean out our wardrobes:

There’s nothing better than cleaning out our wardrobes and discarding old items or items we never wear, so we can make room for all our new season pieces. You may be surprised at some of the styles you completely forgot were hidden in your wardrobe as well! Bonus!

It motivates us to be healthy:

The warm weather is a great incentive to inspire us to be healthy and to get active. As the mornings are no longer as cold, spring is a great time to start implementing those healthy habits and get out of bed and get moving! A little vitamin D is great for your general health, so why not get up, put your runners on and embrace the sunshine?!

It lets us play with fashion:

While we love winter fashion – there’s something about the light layering of spring styles that we can’t get enough of. As the weather is warmer, you have much more flexibility in what to wear which gives you the chance to mix it up and try a trend you’ve been dying to show off.

Say goodbye to hiding under big jackets and scarves… it’s time to let your real fashion style show!

It makes us happy:

All of these things combined (and many more) simply just make us happy. Warm weather, healthy bodies, new clothes… what’s not to love?

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